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How to choose a laser cloth cutting machine that suits you

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  Although the machine is good, it is important to choose the right one!

What factors need to be considered when choosing a laser cloth cutting machine?

1. Understand your own process requirements, the required configuration and the number of cutting layers.

Multi-layer fabrics are more suitable for laser cutting machines, and single-layer soft materials are more suitable for circular knife cutting machines.

2. Budget cost.

  Different configurations have different efficiency, and the cost is not understood. The laser cutting machine is relatively cheap, but it is prone to battering, burning, etc.

3. Production efficiency.

  The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine and the round knife cutting machine are faster, and the cut is relatively smooth.

4. Powerful manufacturers.

  Although they are all cutting machines, the quality of the machine determines the quality of the finished product, and the final benefits are also different.

All in all, 1 requires us to have bright eyes to discern the market, and 2 is to analyze our own demand points. If you can't satisfy both of them, you can consult me in detail to answer your doubts.

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