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Laser cutting machine-principle

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 In the laser cutting machine, the main work is the laser tube, so we need to understand the laser tube.

 are all aware of the importance of laser tubes in laser equipment, the following is the most common type of laser tube to judge. CO2 laser tube!

 The composition of the laser tube is made of a kind of hard glass, so it is a fragile and fragile substance. If you want to understand the CO2 laser tube, you must first understand the structure of the laser tube. Like this kind of carbon dioxide laser, all adopt a layered sleeve structure, and the innermost layer is a discharge tube. However, the diameter of the carbon dioxide laser discharge tube is larger than that of the laser tube itself. The thickness of the discharge tube is proportional to the diffraction reaction caused by the size of the spot. The length of the tube and the output power of the discharge tube also form a relationship. Kind of ratio.

 During the operation of the laser cutting machine, the laser tube will generate a lot of heat, which affects the normal operation of the cutting machine. Therefore, a special water chiller is required to cool the laser tube to ensure that the laser cutting machine works normally at a constant temperature. The 200W laser can choose CW-6200, the cooling capacity is 5.5KW; the 650W laser should choose CW-7800, the cooling capacity can reach 23KW.

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