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Laser engraving machine applicable materials and precautions during use

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Cloth, tiles, cardboard, paper, leather, PU leather, trademark embroidery, plastic, rubber, bamboo and wood products, wood, plexiglass, acrylic, jade, leather, shells, horns, animal sebum, two-color boards, bamboo and wood products, Non-metallic materials such as ABS board, PVC board, fiber and composite materials.

(1) Avoid looking directly at the laser light with your eyes.

(2) Use laser in the controllable area and add warning signs.

(3) It is not allowed to use without permission. Only professionally trained personnel are allowed to operate it.

(4) Keep the beam path as close as possible to prevent the laser light from leaking out.

(5) Wear appropriate laser goggles.

(6) The body should avoid entering the beam and its reflection range.

(7) Remove unnecessary reflective objects (such as metal materials) next to the work object.

(8) It is better to make proper shelter beside the processing object.

(9) Try to avoid erecting the laser body at the height of the human eye.

(10) Pay attention to the ventilation or exhaust conditions of the laser processing environment.

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