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Magical laser engraving

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Our impression of printing often stays on black-and-white paper printing. We do not know that there is another new technology to play, that is-laser engraving, in fact, it has already entered our lives.

Laser engraving has a dedicated machine, and it uses many materials, such as white paper, hard leather, kraft paper, thin wood board and acrylic board. Where does the pattern come from? It's very simple. You can modify the specifications and pixels by drawing on a computer and using exclusive software.

The laser head can also control the length and width of the image on the material itself, and finally can cut according to the proportion of deployment. Laser engraving combines modern inkjet and computer control systems, which is a new world in the field of science and technology.

There are also many laser engraved works on the market today, such as photo album collections. People usually like to sculpt them out of wooden boards and frame them with photo frames. This work has a retro charm, and many people customize it to give birthday gifts to friends, or to send love items between male and female friends.

If acrylic sheets are to be used, they are generally customized into plastic products. Some patterns and molds can be made, and many processing plants are now implanted with this technology. Many design industry courses have also added laser engraving and mold design, indicating that it has a promising future.

The stainless steel bottles and glass showcases we often see are all laser-engraved works. It is much easier than traditional hand engraving, as long as there is a machine and a computer, you can achieve what you want. Bamboo lettering is a kind of literati practice left by the ancients, especially poets, who like to write fonts in bamboo, and bamboo is also a symbol of gentleman, laser engraving can continue the culture of gentleman.


The computer software is connected with the laser engraving machine, which means that the printer will also display the corresponding pictures for any images produced by the computer. What's surprising is that the printing speed is extremely fast. According to the pixels of the image, the laser head continuously ejects ink, which is very regular.

Laser cutting is also an advanced technology for auxiliary engraving. The cutting machine cuts into shapes bit by bit according to the materials that have been specified in advance, and then through its own transformation, it can become a handicraft. Because its requirements are relatively high, the price is relatively high.

Laser engraving has another major advantage, that is, it is environmentally friendly, which not only saves materials, but also reduces costs. The diameter of the beam and the spot are very small, approximately equal to 0.05 mm, and is not restricted by time, and there is less artificial pressure.

It can also be reliable and safe, and is not susceptible to pressure transformation due to external interference. But it is worth noting that the gas generated during laser engraving must be exhausted out of the window. Because of its smell, some people are uncomfortable smelling it.

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