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Textile and garment laser cutting machine

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extile and garment laser cutting machine is a machine for garment cutting and processing production.

It is characterized by flexible and efficient proofing production, helps us with intelligent typesetting and automatic identification of cutting patterns, which not only solves time but also saves materials. It can easily replace manual labor, and one person can complete the whole process of garment cutting and processing.

Textile and garment cutting machine can not only be used in the garment industry, but also be applicable to

Cutting wool cloth, technological cloth, sponge, plastic, etc. The crawler table with the upper feeding system can realize the effect of continuous cutting of materials.

Product advantages:

1. Flexible laser head mechanism personalized customization

2. Intelligent layout, high utilization rate of cloth

3. The whole door is covered with ventilation, which is environmentally friendly and energy saving. There is no need to worry about the damage caused to the cloth by the smoke produced by the laser.


1. Check the steel strip and track every 6 months to ensure the straightness of the track and the verticality of the machine.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust in the machine once a week.

3. Check the steel belt carefully before starting the machine to ensure that the steel belt is firm, so as to prevent the steel belt from hurting people after starting the machine

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