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What can the laser cutting machine cut

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What can the laser cutting machine cut

With the fast-paced development of the times, more and more factories have bid farewell to traditional craftsmanship and embarked on the machine age. Today, let's take a look at what laser cutting machines can cut.


1. Garment industry: MC-1325 laser cloth cutting machine can be used for cutting, hollowing and engraving of various textile fabrics. The open working platform facilitates the placement of processing materials and can meet the processing of large-format materials. The upper and lower ventilation covered by the full gantry can remove the smoke and dust in time, prevent the cut fabric from yellowing, and the cut fabric has a smooth edge without lint.


2. Plexiglass: MC-1325 laser cutting machine contains a multi-function laser processing system, wide processing range, stable and reliable worktable. Acrylic signs, plexiglass trophies, transparent cases, etc. on the market can all be processed, cut, carved, hollowed or perforated by MC-1325 laser cutting machine.


3. Wooden products: wooden picture frames, hollow crafts, etc. are also the working objects of laser cutting machines. Non-contact processing can reduce the deformation and cracks of the board to the greatest extent. The wood cut by laser not only uses less material, but also has smooth and clean cuts. With the rotating device, various non-metal cylindrical materials such as bamboo and wood can be finely carved at will.

In addition, the laser cutting machine can also make corresponding contributions to cloth, paper, leather, etc. If you want to know, you can consult me for details~

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