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Advantage of 1390 leather laser cutting machine

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Along with the progress of society and the development of science and technology, leather products are being more widely used in various applications. Leather products not only create infinite value, but also play an indispensable role in daily life, such as for clothing, shoes, gloves, sandals, fur hats, belts, watch straps, leather cushions, car seats, and steering wheel covers.

Traditional technology for leather processing mostly adopts cutting, embossing, and embroidery machines, which operate at slow speeds and have a high manpower cost with sometimes less than high-quality results. As a consequence, this fundamentally restricts the development of the leather industry.

Laser cutting popularity increases

In recent years, because of the wide application and popularization of lasers, leather laser cutting machine use also rose at this time. High-energy, high-power-density carbon-dioxide (CO2) laser beams can process leather rapidly, efficiently, and continuously. Laser cutting machines employ digital and automatic technology, which provides the capability to hollow out, engrave, and cut in the leather industry.

The laser cutting machine has broken the limits of traditional manual and electric cutting with their slow speed and pattern layout difficulty. The CO2 laser fully solves the problem of unreachable efficiency and waste of materials. The speed of laser cutting is high and the operation is simple, which involves inputting the graphics and piece size to the computer to enable the machine to then cut out the finished product in a non-contact manner.

The advantages of the leather industry adopting CO2 laser cutting are obvious. Compared to the traditional way of cutting, laser cutting is low in cost and consumption, has no mechanical pressure on the workpiece, and the effects of precision and speed are very good. Laser cutting also has the advantages of safe operation and simple maintenance, and the equipment can operate continuously.

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