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Co2 Laser Cutting Machine FAQ

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[Q] What materials can the co2 laser cutting machine be used for?

[Answer] Laser processing acrylic, wood board, leather, cloth, paper, non-woven fabric, bamboo, sticker, coconut

[Q] What is the working current of co2 laser cutting machine?

[Answer] Generally speaking, the power of CO2 laser cutting machine is from 50W to 200W. If the power is different, the working current is also different. It needs to be calculated according to the actual situation of your equipment.

[Question] The leakage of CO2 laser cutting machine is caused by static electricity? How to deal with it?

[Answer] If there is such a static electricity situation when the ground wire is connected, the static electricity is too large, and the ground wire is not ideal. Buy a static eliminator.

[Q] What is the best way to clean the reflective lens used in CO2 laser cutting machine, ethanol water or acetone?

[Answer] A 1: 1 mixture of ethanol and ether is super good!

[Ask] How to solve the problem of cutting 6mm and 8mm blast holes by co2 laser cutting machine, and find the cutting parameters.

[Answer] You can extend the punching time, lower the duty cycle and lower the frequency.

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