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Common problems of woodworking engraving machine

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1.How to do a good job of dust removal in the panel furniture production line

 When the panel furniture production line is used to process woodworking materials, it is inevitable that dust and wood chips will appear.  In the face of these dust and wood chips, improper handling will not only affect the health of the operator, but also affect the service life of the machine.  Today I will share with you a few points, I hope it will be helpful to you.

(1) Before choosing equipment, we must keep our eyes open, choose equipment with a certain dust removal function and ask about their purification ability, so that it has a certain effect on dust removal and dust prevention.

(2) The operator wears glasses and masks during operation to achieve secondary protection to avoid dust damage to the respiratory organs.    (3) Choose the equipment with vacuum cleaner on the machine tool, which can achieve the best protection for both the operator and the machine in one step.

2.Any machine that has been used for a long time will have more or less minor problems. What should we do if we cannot contact customer service in time?

(1) Understand the problem: Be clear about the specific problem of the machine, and take a small notebook to write it down in time.

(2) Face it calmly: A small malfunction of the machine is an unavoidable thing. Don't make a pre-judgment because it affects your mood.

(3) Wait patiently: Companies with a certain sense of brand service will respond promptly when they see the news. What we can do is wait patiently.

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