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Laser Cutting Machine Maintenance

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1. Every working day must clean the dirt of the machine tool and guide rails to keep the bed cleaning , Also will turn off the air source and power supply when leaving work, and empty the residual air in the machine tube.

2. If you leave the machine for a long time, please turn off the power to prevent non-professionals to operate.

3. Please observe the lubricant on the machine's horizontal and longitudinal rails and the surface of the rack to keep it lubricated!

一: Weekly maintenance 

1. The machine should be thoroughly cleaned every week between the horizontal and vertical guide rails.

2. Check the horizontal and vertical rail cleaners whether working properly, if not, it need be replaced  in time.

3. Check all torches for looseness, please clean the trash at the ignition gun, and keep the ignition normal.

4. If there is an automatic height adjustment device, please check whether it is sensitive and whether need to replace the probe.

5. Check whether the plasma cutting tip and electrode are damaged, and whether the cutting tip and electrode need to be replaced.

二: Month and quarter maintenance:

1. Check the total air inlet for garbage, and check whether the valves and pressure gauges are working properly.

2. Check all tubing connections for looseness and all tubes with no damage. It need fasten or replace if necessary.

3. Check all transmission parts for looseness, check the gear and the rack, and adjust if necessary.

4. Loosen the tightening device and push the pulley by hand to confirm whether use freely, if it is abnormal, adjust or replace it in time.

5. Check the clamping block, steel strip and guide wheel for looseness, tightness of the steel strip, and adjust if necessary.

6. Check the performance of all buttons and selector switches, and finally draw a comprehensive inspection pattern to check the accuracy of the machine.

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