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The characteristics of acrylic laser cutting machine

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Acrylic laser cutting machine has restrictions on the thickness of acrylic. The laser tube power is within 400 watts. The thickness of the processed material is about 40mm. The laser tube power determines the thickness of the processed material. When cutting organic glass, the combination of speed and light intensity, the slower the speed, the better the smoothness.

It is better to use high-power laser for organic glass above 15mm. When using plexiglass engraving, use an air-leakage jet cup. Try not to engrave too deep, otherwise the flatness of the bottom will be affected. The larger the gas will affect the edge effect of engraving.

acrylic engraving


1. Laser head autofocus, automatic origin setting function, standard industrial interface, powerful function and stable performance.

2. The control system uses DSP controller, the mechanical system performance is more stable.

3. CO2 lasers of different powers can be standard equipped according to different needs, with excellent performance-price ratio.

4. Adopt a three-way reflection system and a linear guide rail structure, so that the smooth knife runs smoothly and the engraving / cutting precision is high.

5. The microcomputer is used to control the operation of the laser machine. The processing area is large, the speed is fast, the process is simple, and it is easy to operate.

6. Two sets of higher-power laser generation systems are selected. According to the graphics designed in the computer, both the shoe material and the fabric can be processed in batches at the same time, or the full-width cutting and punching processing can be performed separately.

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