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1390 9060 laser engraving machine for wood mdf

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Features of laser cutting engraving machine:

1. We use the built-in control part to separate independently to reduce the entry of dust during work,

2. The design of separation of circuit and waterway reduces machine failure rate.

3. The design takes into account laser tube devices of different powers.

4. Adopt belt drive + Taiwan linear square rail form with high precision.

5. Using visual color screen control, engraving or cutting at a glance

Applicable materials:

Acrylic, two-color board, density board, plywood, knife template, solid wood, bamboo, glass, leather, fabric, composite fabric and other non-metallic products.

The glass used for carving cannot be used for cutting. Leather, cloth, composite materials are generally used for cutting but not for carving.

Applied industry

Advertising industry, handicraft industry, model industry, printing industry, clothing industry.

1390 cut materials

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