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1610 Vision Laser Cutting Machine

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Laser cutting machine Features

Fast and Precise Cutting of Dye Sublimated Textiles

No need to create cut designs

Fabric deformation or printing error can still be cut accurately

Cuts Any Type of Textile.

Applicable Fields

CCD laser cutting machine with vision for sublimated dye textile This laser cutting machine is equipped with

advanced Vision system.Camera auto positioning and Laser cutting applied on printed fabric, such as digital

printed apparel, sublimated sports garment,eycling clothes, racing suits, swimming suit, printed toys, carpet.

Work Flow

< Step 1: Various graphics printed on fabric and loaded to the laser cutter working table with our


< Step 2: Material information extracted by the HD SRL Camera:

< Step 3: The software recognize outer contour of graphics, then automatically create the cutting path

<< Step 4: Laser head cuts as the path in software

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