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Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine For Digital Printing

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Cutting by diretly contour capturing, you can independently adjust or modify part of the pattem or whole pattern and then cuting, it

solves the material distortion problem;

It can do continuous auto-feeding and cutting; also can do micro-adjusting during the cutting process, not afect cutting precision and

avoid error caused by feeding; The operator can do second adjusting according to material restoration error caused by auto-feeding,

saving material;

The software is very intelligent, it can confirm cutting route in time and reduce material wasting;

It can do cutting in/out of the contour; it also can cut according to dedicated pattern sizes when cutting several patterns together.

It adopts UHD camcr, realize high precision capturing, and improves recogizing cuting acuracy, the cuting precision can be within

0.5mm; it also has the fifth mainboard's multi-termplate cutting function.

> The projecting tchnology is optional for positioning cutig;



HD cameras are ideal for precision contour ctting, and digital printing is no longer limited by pterns.

With double heads, cutting speed is fster, increasing production eficincy and making more proft.

Automatic feed machine, ensure the continuity of cutting, save time and labor

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