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Clothing fabric CO2 laser cutting machine

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The main products used in the garment industry are laser cutting machines, automatic laser cutting machines, laser cutting machines, double-head laser cutting machines, automatic laser cutting machines and laser marking machines.

The different processing formats for each device are different. In addition to the laser marking machine, the above equipment can be used for fabric cutting, garment proofing, trademark, appliqué cutting, leather engraving, denim, embroidery and embroidery.

In the case of a fully automatic laser cutting machine, its platform is movable, and the automatic processing is achieved by cooperating with the feeding device. Laser cutting machine is mainly used for large-format processing; in addition to adhering to the characteristics of laser cutting, the double-head laser cutting machine can work together and can work separately; automatic trademark cutting machine can Patterns such as trademarks and embroidery are automatically identified and modeled, and automatically searched. At the same time, patterns similar to standard graphic features can be captured and automatically identified and cut.

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