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CNC Router Summary of common problems and solutions

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Summary of common problems and solutions:


1. Misplacement or wrong size during engraving

 (1) Check whether the path of the engraving software is correct or not;

 (2) Check the gap size of the screw rod and whether the fastening screws of the polished rod are loose;

 (3) Check that the software parameters are set correctly

2. Prompt when opening the software: three-axis alarm, initialization error No. 4

 (1) Check whether the two data lines of the computer and the machine are connected properly;

 (2) Check whether the fuse of the adapter board in the control box is burned out and replace the fuse;

 (3) Check whether the 85V power supply is normally supplied

3. The spindle motor does not rotate or reverse

 (1) Check the parameter settings of the inverter;

 (2) Whether the signal wire of the inverter is connected reversely.


4.When setting the origin, the engraving machine sometimes shifts forward or to the right by an uncertain distance

 (1) The limit switch is out of order. The limit switch is closed and then bounced when the system returns to the system origin.  Just change the limit switch;

 (2) The drive line is loose. Try to fix it tightly.

5.The sending software cannot be opened normally, and the engraved objects are deformed.

 (1) Reinstall the new system and software;

 (2) Check whether the X and Y axis screw rods and screws are loose;

 (3) The carving knife has a problem.

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