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How to judge the quality of a woodworking engraving machine?

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How to judge the quality of a woodworking engraving machine?

With the development of the intelligent age, the development of woodworking CNC engraving machines is also very rapid. Different types, different functions, and different sizes of woodworking engraving machines have appeared on the market one by one. Today, the editor of Maixiang will help you solve the problem.  Choose a suitable woodworking engraving machine.

1.look at the appearance

 First of all, the premise of product performance is the scientific design of the professional team, and the improvement of product performance is the scientific research and innovation of the professional team.  The support of a professional team is the root of after-sales problem solving, and it is also the strength comparison of the first and second-line CNC cutting machine manufacturers.

2.Product configuration

Whether it is a computer or a mobile phone, the most important thing for any machine is the configuration of the product, and the same is true for the CNC engraving machine. The configuration of the product is the foundation of the product's performance.

3.The processing of the bed

Woodworking CNC engraving machine has a wide range of applications, in addition to our common woodworking industry, the mold industry will also use it.  A qualified body, firm, stable and durable, not easily deformed.  It can fundamentally ensure the accuracy and stability of the equipment, and this process is not available to all manufacturers.  

4.Product assembly,

Reasonable equipment assembly can ensure the stability and accuracy of the equipment, and this process cannot be replaced by machinery for the time being, so only professional and proficient CNC cutting machine assemblers can do this job.

5.Product inspection

 After the assembly of each CNC cutting machine equipment, one of the key steps is the equipment adjustment and quality inspection. Before leaving the factory, each equipment must complete the adjustment of various data and parameters. Each item on each quality inspection sheet  The requirements must meet the standard requirements, and the customer should come to the factory to inspect the machine before shipping, and the machine can be shipped to the customer only after the machine is qualified.

6.After-sales of the product

 Any machinery will inevitably have mechanical failures under the interference of many external and human factors, and timely after-sales treatment is especially important.

The above is about the relevant content of the CNC cutting machine, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


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