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The difference between laser engraving machine and CNC engraving machine

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  Both laser engraving machine and numerical control engraving machine are computer engraving machines, and both need a computer to control engraving. Import the prepared picture files or path diagrams into the engraving machine after typesetting through the computer in advance. From this point of view, both belong to the engraving machine.

  The laser engraving machine uses the high energy of the laser to complete the cutting or engraving of the material. The CNC engraving machine uses the high-speed rotating cutter head to cut and engrave the material, so the two have different forms of acting on the engraved object.

  Laser processing is a non-contact processing, which can protect the surface of the engraved material from being scratched. In addition, the laser beam is very thin, so the slit is small, which is suitable for precision cutting. The cutting seam of the CNC engraving machine depends on the diameter of the cutter head. There are many types of cutter heads, and different engraving cutter heads are used for different materials.

  The laser engraving machine can only perform cutting and shallow carving on the surface of the object, and can do shadow carving, such as marble tombstone portrait carving. The CNC engraving machine can cut or make reliefs, such as the relief carving of some wooden furniture.

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