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What is a double-station cutting machine?

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  With the development of technology and market production needs, many panel furniture manufacturers use intelligent numerical control equipment for production and processing. As a professional board cutting equipment, the cutting machine can realize cutting, punching, slotting and other functions in one machine. Combined with professional design and ordering software, it can truly realize the customized production of cabinets and wardrobes, saving time and labor.

  As we all know, there are many types of cutting machines on the market, including four-process cutting machines, dual-process plus row drill cutting machines, straight-line tool change machining centers, disc tool change machining centers, etc. In addition, many customers and friends have asked which model the double-station cutting machine belongs to, so today I will introduce this double-station cutting machine.

  In fact, the double-station cutting machine does not refer to a specific cutting machine model, but a function added on the basis of the standard cutting machine. The double-station cutting machine adds a working table to the single-station. The double-station cutting machine is a device with two working tables. When the plate is processed in one of the stations, the other is At the same time, the work of loading and unloading can be carried out. After one of the stations is processed, it can be directly processed in the other station. The front and rear two stations work alternately. The machine has high production efficiency and saves time. The two-station four-process cutting machine is widely used in the market.

  Generally, a single-station four-process cutting machine can open about 50 boards a day, and double-station can reach about 70 boards. The efficiency is significantly improved. Moreover, the price of the four-process cutting machine is relatively economical compared with other models, and it is a very good choice for some small and medium-sized panel furniture companies that have a small production volume.

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