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Features of stuffed toy fabric laser cutting machine

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Features of plush toy fabric laser cutting machine:

1 〔Taiwan Shangyin linear motion guide rails are used to ensure that the laser head is smooth, high-speed and does not shake during operation. It has the characteristics of small cutting seam, fast speed and high precision, and the accuracy and service life of the equipment are guaranteed.

2. Software automatic typesetting function. After designing the cutting pattern, the software automatically typesets and the material patterns closely fit together to reduce waste.

3. It is equipped with imported metal molybdenum reflective lenses and gallium arsenide focusing lenses imported from Singapore. It is resistant to sassafras and high temperature, and does not need to be replaced frequently.

4. Advanced variable speed system, which can realize the function of instantaneous speed change and self-adjusting speed according to the needs of curve and straight line during the cutting process, so that the cutting edge is smooth and the corner curve is natural.

5. The fully enclosed water tank ensures that the water in the circulation and laser tube is dust-proof and clean, prolongs the service life of the laser tube, and effectively reduces the production cost.

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