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How to cut the car seat cushion?

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  With the broad development of the automotive industry, more and more families have their own cars, which also drives the development of the automotive interior industry.

  The car seat vibration knife cutting machine was born accordingly, which solved the problem of strong supply and demand of various interior products such as car seat cushions, foot pads, neck pillows, backrests, and brake pedal covers.

  The car seat vibrating knife cutting machine cuts through the up and down vibration of the blade, which can cut small and multi-layer materials at a time, which improves the production efficiency. The edge of the cut is smooth and flat without any defects. It successfully replaces the ordinary manual production. Automated numerical control programming design, you can design your own patterns and cut out any patterns you want, simple, convenient and easy to operate.

  In addition, the car seat vibration knife cutting machine also has round knives, drag knives, milling cutters and other tools that can be exchanged at any time to solve the required operating procedures in the production process in one step.

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